Mad Monday: Low Plank Pyramid Workout for Abs

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 06, 2021

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Mad Monday.

This workout will engage your abs and give you a great work out!

Are you ready for a plank challenge?

Here’s the workout:

Warmup: Hold the push up position then hold low plank


  • 10 Low Static Plank Holds With Knee Raise (Right side)
  • 10 Low Static Plank Holds With Knee Raise (Left side)
  • 9 Low Static Plank Holds With Knee Raise (Right side)
  • 9 Low Static Plank Holds With Knee Raise (Left side)
  • Keep going in this way until you make it to zero!

Give it a try!

Todd Kuslikis

P.S. For the past couple months I’ve been blogging almost daily. I’ve been releasing Mad Monday workouts, nutrition articles (written by my wife) and so much more.

Knee health score 3

I’ve been watching the traffic for SOA (over the last 2 months) and it has actually decreased. 🙁

This leads me to believe that the structure of daily content might not be best for the community. My goal with this website is to serve you in the best way possible and I want it to be an incredible resource for you.

With that said, and after some brainstorming, I’ve decided to change things up again. Today’s Mad Monday will be the last one for awhile. I’m going to focus more on depth in my articles. I’m going to dissect important bodyweight concepts and strive to create articles that are extremely valuable for you. Articles that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else!

Just wanted to give you a heads up. 🙂

Be on the lookout for some EPIC content!!!

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  1. sal

    Thank you so much Todd for bringing all this great information on bodyweight exercises.This is medicine to the body!

  2. ROCCO

    Awesome workout ! Can’t wait for your next post. I like how you are trying to “tie ” it all together for us. Love SOA !!

  3. Liam C

    Haven’t tested it out yet.. But it seems like it involves lower back?

  4. Benjamin Clark

    Just ran down into the basement to give it a try. Killer. Will certainly be feeling that one tomorrow.

  5. Zach T

    Insane workout I love it!

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