Monday Morning Quarterback Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
February 08, 2016


You may not have heard, but last night the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

The day after the Super Bowl plays host to the largest session of Monday morning quarterbacking all year. Seemingly everyone who watched the game will spend the day pontificating on everything from Von Miller’s dominance to the waking nightmare that is Puppymonkeybaby.

We thought we would offer up an alternative that’s a little more productive: a workout inspired by the most important position in American sports.

The quarterback is the player more critical to the success of a football team than any other and therefore commands hefty attention. Even last night, in what was a showcase of two of the best defenses in football, much of the focus was still on the game’s biggest stars, quarterbacks Peyton Manning of Denver and Cam Newton of Carolina.

Over the years, the QB position has evolved dramatically. The earliest versions of American football were a hybrid of rugby and soccer, with no forward passing whatsoever. The first game was played in 1869 and not until seven years later was the first pass completed.

It happened during an 1876 college game between Yale and Princeton, where Yale’s Walter Camp made an overhand toss to a teammate for a touchdown.

No one was sure if it was a legal play, so the referee, likely after some indecisive shoulder shrugs from his colleagues, flipped a coin to make his decision and figured “You know what, these guys may be onto something.”

Since then, the quarterback has become bigger, smarter and more athletic. Young athletes dreaming of sitting under center and leading their team’s charge in the big game must be the complete athlete, both mentally and physically.

We’ve shown you how Newton and Manning emphasize strength and agility in their workouts. You don’t have to be a quarterback to give these exercises a try; this is a fun workout for anyone wanting to challenge their body (or at least work off some of that guacamole from yesterday).

Throwing power depends largely on arm and core strength, and that’s what this workout is all about.

Knee Health Score 2

Do each exercise for the specified amount of reps and secs. Do as many rounds as you can.

Push Ups x 10 reps

Video by Al Kavadlo

Planks x 30 sec

Video by Antranik

Pike Push Ups x 20 reps

Video by GBT

Dips x 10 reps

Video by ScottHermanFitness

Mountain Climbs x 20 secs

Video by Performance U

Handstand Push Ups x 5 reps

Video by GMB

Tricep Extension Push Ups x 5 reps

Video by Daniel Vadnal


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  1. Ben

    TODD! The Broncos played the Carolina Panthers in super bowl 50! Haha

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Oops, fixed that, I don’t what happened there 🙂 Thanks Ben!

      – Todd

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