The New Combat Bundle: How It All Got Started

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
November 01, 2014

Combat Bundle

Well, the day has finally arrived.

For months and months I’ve been talking about a project that dwarfs anything I’ve ever done.

Today, I showcase it to you, my subscriber.

The project is called the Combat Bundle.

It’s a collection of 72 of the greatest fitness, workout, nutrition and self-defence resources in the world.

Last March, I released my first bundle.

Bodyweight BundleIt was called the Bodyweight Bundle and had almost 38 incredible bodyweight resources. This included HIIT training, military style workouts, fat loss, muscle building, and so much more.

The bundle did very well and we ended up getting over 8,500 customers!


I also recently found out that the Bodyweight Bundle had one of the lowest refund rates on Clickbank (that’s the vendor we use to sell the bundle). This is remarkable because they have 1,000s of products!

Knee Health Score 2

Yay for bodyweight exercises!

But I’m not here to tell you about that bundle. I’m here to blow you away with something even MORE mind blowing!

How the Combat Bundle Got StartedFunk Roberts Combat Bundle

In early June, my close friend Funkybrewster Roberts, aka Funktastic, aka Funkzilla (I could go on! ;)) called me up to chat.

He told me about a vision he had for the combat industry.

He asked if I wanted to join him in putting together the greatest bundle that’s ever existed for this industry.

Since I have a long background in martial arts (kenpo, tai chi, BJJ, boxing, etc) I told him, “Absolutely! Just as long as I can keep coming up with cool nicknames for ya.”

Here are some more:

  • Funk-a-licious
  • Funkmania
  • Funkalodeon
  • Funkadocious

Yeah, I’m not kidding. And the list goes on and on.

I also told him that I wanted to expand our bundle and not just include “combat”, but other fitness styles too, like “bodyweight”, “movement”, “mobility”, “muscle building” and other facets of fitness.

He was totally onboard.

We then worked furiously for many, many months and spent long hours putting this bundle together.

Today, I’d like to give you a SNEAK PEAK.

This is NOT being promoted to the general public right now. Just a few select people are sharing it with their audiences.

Consider this a “pre-screening”. All the content is there… but we’re getting feedback right now.

What Is The Ultimate Combat Bundle?

The Ultimate Combat Bundle is a collection of 72 of the greatest fitness and combat sport resources ever.

There are 70 expert contributors that have put in their FULL program into this bundle.

A lot of times you see people say “valued at…” and it’s some inflated value. In this bundle you’ll see the same prices that they charge on their own website, but at an incredible discount.

97% OFF to be exact.

Here’s everything that’s included in the Combat Bundle…

Combat Bundle Programs

The Combat Bundle Includes ALL Of The Following:

  • 22 “Fit Like A Fighter” Fitness Programs
  • 16 Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • 8 Combat Skills & Martial Arts Programs
  • 5 Nutrition Programs
  • 5 Flexibility, Mobility & Rehab Programs
  • 6 Self Defense Skills Programs
  • 6 Women’s Only Programs
  • 4 Trainer’s Programs

Yeah, I know. Pretty sweet, huh?

Knee health score 3

These are FULL programs that you’d normally have to pay full price for.

Personally, I’ve been diving into Funk’s Metabolic Blasters program (in the Trainer’s section) and loving it! It includes 30 videos too.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that.

In the Bodyweight Bundle, very few people included videos. But in the Combat Bundle, there are TONS of videos. These include instructional videos and follow-along workout videos.

Next I’m going to dive into my buddy Jason Klein’s Military Body, which includes 30 follow-along videos.

Who Contributed to the Combat Bundle?

When Funk and I were reaching out to contributors we only targeted the best of the best.

Some of these trainers have worked with top UFC champions, and others have worked with Olympians.

Personally, I was so happy that master movement specialist Mike Fitch agreed to be part of the bundle. In fact he even worked with four other specialists to create a NEW product only found in the Combat Bundle!

Combat Bundle Animal FlowIt’s called Animal Flow and it is off the charts.

Yes, it’s included in the Combat Bundle. Pretty sweet, huh?

In this program alone you’ll learn 25 animal flow movements (with video instructions) and how to increase mobility and strength.

Thanks so much for joining us, Mike Fitch!

Of course, there are 69 other contributors that are top notch (including yours truly! Oh yeah, I’ll toot my horn a bit. ;))

Who are the other contributors? I’m glad you asked.

70 Contributors Added Programs To The Combat Bundle

Here’s a list of everyone that has contributed.

Fitness Contributors:
Travis Stoetzel
Logan Christopher
Todd Kuslikis
Dennis Heenan
Mike Whitfield
Shawna Kaminski
Forest Vance
Egan Inoue
Vince DelMonte
Krista Stryker
Mike Westerdal
Tee Major
Parth Shah
Wes Kennedy
Mike Chang – Nina Leal
Jason Klein
Derek Whaler
Lee Hayward
Dan Long
Chad Howse
Jason Maxwell
Max Shank

Combat Strength & Conditioning Contributors
Alain Gonzalez
Corey Beasly
Ryan Murdock
Matt D’Aquino
Nick Nilsson
Chris Lopez
Ross Eminent
Josh Henkin
Jedd Johnson
Kevin Kearns
Will Lamey
Mike Fitch
Funk Roberts
Andrew Raposo
Macus Martinez
Funk Roberts

Combat Skills Contributors
Sean Fagen
Thomass Tapp
Dan Faggella
Nigel Smith
Jeff Joslin
LW Thornton
Fran Sands
Stewart McFarlance

Nutrition Contributors
Joe Rignola
Sayan Sarker
James Gregory
James Bee
Anthony Alayon

Self Defense Contributors
John Holt
Thomas Egberts
Dave Schmitz
Dave Hedges
Tyler Bramlett

Knee health score 3

Mobility & Flexibility Contributors
Randy Lahaie
Geoff Aitken
Wim Demeere
Khaled Allen
John Spencer Ellis
Sifu Vik Hothi

Women-Specific Contributors
Holly Rigsby
Kate Vidulich
Sylvia Favela
Lauren Brooks
Diane Flores

Trainer & Coaching Contributors
Georgette Pann
Funk Roberts
Ryan Ketchum
Pat Rigsby

I said it above and I’ll say it again – wow!

Discount Codes in the Combat Bundle

For the Bodyweight Bundle, I reached out to just a few companies to contribute discounts to hard products. This time we went gang-bustas!

We found 25 amazing companies to give exclusive discounts to customers who buy the Combat Bundle.

They range from nutritional supplements to oxygen deprivation devices (helps improve your conditioning and cardiovascular capacity), from sand bags to clothing lines.

There is literally something here for everyone…

…all at a great discount.

Why Did We Put The Combat Bundle Together?

Because it was so much darn fun!

No seriously, it was fun (and exhausting).

Being Lithuanian, I’m all about deals.

Yep, I said it. Most Lithuanians are cheap. (Did I just publicly say that?) Yeah, its true.

When searching for a new fitness program, there are a lot of great resources out there. Sometimes picking just one can be hard.

So why not have them all! 😉

If you want to learn more about this amazing bundle of programs, click the link below.

The Ultimate Combat Bundle <= 72 Greatest Fitness, Nutrition, Workout and Self Defence Resources (97% OFF)

Here’s to achieving all of your fitness goals!

-Bodyweight Todd

P.S. I am releasing this post BEFORE this goes live all over the web.

If you are a fitness promoter and would like to join as an affiliate, please email me at

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  1. rene

    Plz where can I find this I really need one anyone help

  2. ruth

    Hi. O bought a program combat bundle but I have problem to open it. I tryin my computer, laptop tablet mobil phone and it didn’t work. I disappointed. Please is any other way ro get this programs. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Ruth.

  3. Nick

    WOW! This is truly awesome!
    The value in this is amazing!
    Btw it Ross Enamait not Eminent.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Thanks Nick!

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