Mission & Tenets of Adrenaline

The Shot of Adrenaline (SOA) movement is a cry out against the current wave in the fitness industry. Billions of dollars, every year, are stripped from people’s wallets while capitalizing on each person’s desire to look slim and get six pack abs.

A Shot of Adrenaline is looking to change that. Though having ripped abs and a tight butt may help build confidence, SOA is about something different.

Here at SOA, I (Todd Kuslikis, King Shot Administer) chronicle on principles of greatness in the areas of sports and fitness. The tagline “Higher Performance, Higher Existence” was chosen because it is our belief that we have a power inside us that drives us to the highest levels of performance. And this higher performance results in a higher level of existence.

A Shot of Adrenaline is a community of focused, determined, committed, tough as nails men (and women) dedicated to achieving greatness in their chosen endeavor. We settle not for second place. Though second place is not necessarily determined by an outward source. It is determined by our own set of standards.


Who SOA is NOT for:
-Those not ready to change.
The battle against the mind for greatness is one of the fiercest battles you will enter. If you are not ready, we can not help you. You must make the choice first.

-Those looking for only an outward change.
Getting a chiseled chest and a tight rear are fine secondary benefits. Though that is NOT why we are here. We are on a quest to inculcate principles of greatness. We are looking to discover the very foundation of what makes a person perform at the highest level, and then follow their path. All other side effects such as looking good in a Speedo or showing off your biceps to your friends, are distractions to performance.

-Those dominated by a destructive mindset and not willing to change.
The mind can quickly destroy any progress you make toward personal greatness. A flaccid and untrained mind is like a garden filled with weeds. It takes time and effort to pluck out negative mental habits that destroy opportunities. And it takes care and effort to plant and water seeds of potential.


Who SOA IS for:
-Those willing and ready to work hard.
The most important word in the above phrase is the word “hard”. Higher Performance is hard work. If you notice in your training that you seemed to have found it easy, you are most likely coasting. I will repeat it again because it is that important: Higher Performance is hard work.

-Those willing to commit.
It doesn’t matter if you wrestler, swimmer, run 100 miles or do handstand push ups. The key to greatness is found in commitment. I have noticed in my life that there have been so many endeavors that I have started with great enthusiasm. And because I had energy and focus, I could become good at them pretty quickly. But soon after becoming bored, I would quit, and move onto the next thing. I lacked commitment. Here at SOA, we work toward cultivating commitment.

-Those willing to help others.
In the words of John Donne, “No man is an island.” We are all connected at some level, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The fastest way to get ahead is by helping others. We believe this fully and hope you do too.


I look forward to getting to know your story and learn how I can help you. My email is Todd[@]AShotofAdrenaline.net. I will answer your email personally.

My personal journey is pretty amazing. It’s the reason why I started this site and why I will continue to pursue excellence. You can read more by clicking here.

To your personal greatness in your chosen endeavor.