Quick & Brutal 5 Minute Body Weight Leg Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 22, 2011

This body weight leg workout routine is designed to blast your legs and butt muscles in a very short amount of time. Most people think that you need to spend hours in a gym to get firm buns and toned, sculpted legs. This is a fallacy. You just need a bit of commitment and this workout as your go to guide to achieving great looking legs. There is also a great 5 minute challenge that I recommend you check out called the Bodyweight Squats Muscular Endurance 5-Minute Challenge. Click on the link and Mike Geary (expert nutritionist) will guide you on what to do.

Quick & Brutal 4 Minute Body Weight Leg Workout

The above video will guide you through each exercise in the leg workout. Make sure to notice the form that I show you in the video. When ever you are doing bodyweight leg exercises, it is especially important to remember to not let your knees go over your toes. Some exercises will force this to happen but as a general rule to any exercise, try to keep your knees either in line or on the inside of your toes.

3 Reasons This Body Weight Leg Workout Is So Good:

1. This Leg Workout Incorporates Supersets

Supersets are when you do two or more exercises in a row with little to no rest in between. The idea it to totally fatigue the muscle from many different angles and not give it a chance to recuperate between sets. So by the end of it, you’re totally dead.

2. This Leg Workout Incorporates Angular Training

Angular Training is when you target one muscle group from multiple angles. In this leg workout, you will be adjusting your foot position several times throughout the workout. In this way the emphasis shifts from one part of the muscle to another. This way, you totally fatigue your entire leg and butt muscles in a short amount of time.

3. The Leg Workout Incorporates The Principle of Slowness

Most people just want to crank out reps during their body weight leg workout routines. This is stupid. It’s not about how many reps you can do but how you perform the reps. You want to be slow and deliberate in your workouts. This workout incorporates a deliberate 5 second up and 5 second down movement. It is a total killer for your legs.

Exercises In This Leg Workout Routine

1. Elevated Stationary Lunge

The Elevated Stationary Lunge is the most difficult body weight leg exercise in this routine. It puts almost all of the focus on your front leg and the fact that you are doing the movements slowly helps to blast the leg muscle even further. Try to make sure that your knee is not going over your toe during this exercise.

2. Stationary Lunge

Stationary Lunge is a great body weight leg exercise for developing tremendous strength. In combination with the other exercises this will totally fatigue your muscles to the max.

3. Narrow Stationary Lunge

The Narrow Stationary Lunge is unique but very effective. Basically, you move your back leg up so that your feet are relatively close together. This positions the muscles in a different way that changes the focus differently. In combination with the other body weight leg exercises in this routine, this exercise is extreme.

4. Side Lunge

The Side Lunge is the final exercise in this body weight leg workout. It again changes where the workout is targeting in your butt or legs.


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  1. marvin

    Hi, i need to get into the 2nd month workout of the 3 month program. Thanks the 1st mo. was great!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Keep up the great work Marvin! Glad you liked month 1!

  2. Mike

    Hey Todd,

    thanks a lot for your training programmes 🙂
    At the beginning of August this summer, I was a skinny (68kg/186cm), lovesick young man who desperately wanted to increase his muscles without a clear idea how to do.
    Since then I have been doing various of your programmes, gained 7kg of weight and a lot of self confidence. I’m targeting the 80kg border right now, so keep pushin and creating new programmes.


    • Todd Kuslikis

      This is awesome Mike!!!! So proud of you man. Keep up the great work!

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