Rolling Walkouts

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 11, 2011

Rolling Walkouts is a beginner movement but will help build strength in your chest and shoulder region.

How to do Rolling Walkouts:

Position yourself so your pelvis is resting on a Pilates ball. Begin to walk your body out as far as you can. Walk your body back in. Make sure to keep your abs tight during this exercise.

Muscle group worked:

Shoulders, Chest and Arms

Target Repetitions for Muscle Growth:

Target Repetitions for Muscle Tone/Endurance:


Why Rolling Walkouts work:

This exercise works as a beginner movement because it is a nice transition from very little weight being held up by your chest and shoulders to more weight as you walk out.


The further you get out away from the ball the more your body will want to slump down. Prevent this from happening by tightening the muscles of your core.


Knee Health Score 1

Breath in and out slowly throughout this exercise.

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