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Are you struggling to gain muscle
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What if I told you it could be done in 3 months…from your own home?

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As Seen on NBC’s The Biggest Loser
I have had the distinct privilege of knowing and working with Todd on several fitness & nutrition projects over the past few years. His knowledge and passion for fitness is truly unparalleled. I have always found his training style unique and motivating, especially with his focus and expertise in body weight exercises. Todd is the type of trainer who makes you believe the impossible, is possible.”
– Neil Tejwani, Weight Loss Consultant Contestant on Season 4 of NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’

Just $97 for 3 Months of Online Coaching

You may be one of the millions of men who lack muscle definition and can’t pack on an ounce of muscle to save your life. I know the frustration. I have been there most of my life. Growing up I was always the skinny kid who wished he had the muscular physique that some dudes have.

Over the course of about 10 years I dedicated myself to understanding the nutritional and fitness keys that unlocked the door to gaining size without going to the gym. I wanted that ripped, strong look… NOT the Too-Big-To-Fit-Through-The-Door, steroid look.

And although it took me a decade to discover the system, once I followed the right principles, the muscle quickly followed.

Millions of men are searching online for that perfect workout that will help them pack on size. Let me break some news to you… it doesn’t exist.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t.

No cookie cutter workout will give you what you are looking for. Even all the workouts on this site won’t help you compared to what I am going to share with you next… so listen up, this will mean the difference between having baggy, loose fitting clothes or building a ripped frame with your muscles stretching your clothes to the breaking point.

*** It is the basic principles of effective strength training that add muscle to your frame NOT the workouts. Principles are the key to what you are looking for. Let me explain… ***

Workouts are tools. Principles are science. Workouts are simply the means for the principles of strength training to come into effect. Here’s an example, say your workout is to do 100 pushups. Ultra Fit Fred can whip out 100 pushups without breaking a sweat. In fact, he can’t even call it a workout. Skinny Sam takes 15 minutes to do 100 pushups and can barely lift his briefcase the next morning because his muscles are blasted. Why? They did the same workout, didn’t they? Not really. One incorporated the principle of intensity… the other didn’t need to. Fred didn’t bring intensity to the workout because it was too easy and consequently didn’t get any benefit. Sam struggled through it, tore his muscles during the workout and will get benefit from the re-growth.

You see… workouts are meaningless without the principles behind them that actually contribute to muscle growth.

Intensity is only ONE of the core principles that I learned that bring muscle growth. There are several more.

I have worked closely with Todd on fitness projects for several years now. He is one of the most genuine and knowledgeable fitness trainers I know… especially when it comes to body weight exercises.”
– Pete Thomas,
Winner of $100,000 on Season 2 of NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’

There Is Hope For You To Build The Body Of Your Dreams…

I know what if feels like to struggle endlessly looking for the right system to build size. You can’t help but notice the ads of those shredded models on popular fitness sites. Some say the secret is a supplement. Others say, “buy my book.”

I’m telling you that both are useless if you aren’t incorporating the right muscle building principles into your workouts.

Stop trying just another workout thinking it will magically turn you into Brad Pitt. It won’t.

The right principles combined with the right program, personalized for you is what will bring the results you are looking for. That’s why I created the 3 Month “Skinny to Sculpted” Personalized Home Training Program.

Without you Todd I would still be lost in a sea of Mis-leading information that is available at every click of my mouse. You are straight to the point with your approach to fitness and by following your advice and program I have successfully reached my fitness goals.”
-Jon T., Birmingham, United Kingdom
Just $97 for 3 Months of Online Coaching

What Does The Process Look Like?

Step 1: Upon joining the program, you will fill out a one-page questionnaire so Todd can learn your current level of fitness, your goals, time restrictions, and preferences.

Step 2: He will then create a 3 Month “Skinny to Sculpted” Plan using body weight exercises designed specifically for you. You will have exercise descriptions and links to videos on the Shot of Adrenaline website so you will know how to perform each exercise. Todd will also lay out exactly how many reps to shoot for with each exercise.

Step 3: After you view and approve the plan, Todd will then keep you accountable for reaching your goal throughout the full 3 months. This includes being available to answer questions via email, making modifications to the plan if it is too easy or too difficult, and motivating you when you are struggling.

Step 4: During the 3 month time period you will see a transformation that you never thought possible. You’ll look in the mirror and think, “Dang! Is that really me?”

The only route to success is through the right plan and the right information.

Prior to beginning your program, I had spent the past year and a half or more trying to gain size (I have always been thin and have had an impossible time gaining weight and muscle). After trying a different home based program, I decided to give your program a try. I am excited to report that after only two months I gained somewhere between 8-10lbs! My dad was telling me that my shoulders were getting bigger! I was gaining confidence, shirts were tighter and I was much stronger!

“The best part of it was that I did it without my former unhealthy mindset!! I was eating only 3 meals a day (sometimes breakfast was a peanut butter and jelly) drinking a little more than the average water intake, and stretching on off days.

“Your program showed me that I could finally achieve my goals of increased size! Thank you Todd so much!”
– Jim A, Atlanta, Georgia

I have been working with Todd and his programs for over a year now and have found them life changing and fun to do. Todd is a sincere and trust worthy individual… someone that I believe in and trust.”
– John H., Victoria, Australia

Todd, you have added a great deal to my personal route to physical fitness. You motivate me to surpass my limits while doing innovative body weight exercises. I hate gyms, so following you from my home has been tremendous.”
– Zel E. Chico, CA

Todd, you have helped me better myself physically. By following your advice, I’ve potentially gotten into the best shape of my life!”
– Tim R, PA

You have helped me on my path to fitness with body weight exercises. I used to be a fitness trainer and bodybuilder but grown tired of the gym routine and hassle of going. I was turned on to your program by a friend and I was hooked.”
– Jim H., Ohio

Todd has really helped me achieve the goals I wanted to achieve, with great video demonstrations of how to carry out each exercise.”
– Alec M., Scotland

Finding Todd meant that I now had my own personal trainer online who I could access at any time of the day!!! The variations in the exercises have pushed my body to the next level!”
– Mohammed H, Toronto, Canada

Just $97 for 3 Months of Online Coaching, Support and Personalized Program Development To Help You Overcome “Skinny Syndrome” and Develop the Strong Body You Have Always Wanted

No Risk – 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

No Questions Asked! If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied and seeing an increase in muscle mass… request a full refund and I will be happy to give it to you. My goal is your transformation. If this doesn’t happen I will be happy to refund your full purchase price.

Personal Training in the gym will cost you at least $40 per session. If you saw your trainer three times per week that amounts to almost $1,500 for three months. With the “Skinny to Sculpted” Program you get me helping you personally reach your goals for about $1 per day… less than a king size candy bar from the gas station, less than a latte at Starbucks, less than the latest silly ab machine and less than a gym membership you’ll never use.

Again, getting the body you desire comes down to following the right principles of muscle building NOT following some random workout you’ve found on the internet.

Let’s work together in creating the right workout plan that is designed to meet your individual lifestyle, goals and needs.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your path to developing a ripped, strong body. If you have any questions you can reach me anytime at


Creator of the Skinny-to-Sculpted Home Training Program

P.S. The best time to start packing on muscle is right now. I won’t lie to you… it does take time and it requires hard work. Don’t wait for a “New Years Resolution” or some other future event. Overcome the skinny-weak look and start sculpting a muscular physique now.

P.P.S. “Limited Time Offer” – Many sales pages will tell you that their digital product is a “limited time offer” and that “this page won’t stay online for long.” They are using deceptive sales practices to get you to buy now. You are smarter than that.

However, since I invest completely into each person and my own time is the asset I invest… I am limited by the number of people that I can allow into the Skinny-to-Sculpted Home Training Program. So if you are serious about putting the work into getting bigger but you struggle with not knowing exactly how to do it… I recommend that you reserve your spot now so you don’t have to wait for the next time I open up the offer.

Just $97 for 3 Months of Online Coaching

About Todd Kuslikis

Todd is the founder of A Shot of Adrenaline, and creator of The Complete Body Weight Training System.

He has designed programs that have been implemented on a national level in team-based employee environments, sports teams and by thousands of individuals throughout the world. He has also worked closely with celebrities from NBC’s The Biggest Loser in creating weight loss and strength training programs.

Todd has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He has his certification in personal training, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and medical manual therapy. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University with a concentration in health and his Master’s degree from Grand Valley State University with a concentration in nonprofit administration and public service.