Fat Burning Split Shuffle Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 22, 2014

There is one exercise you should NEVER do if you have bad knees, you’re overweight, or you don’t have great coordination.

It’s one of the best fat-burning exercises of all time, but if you have ANY of those issues, you should NEVER do this exercise.

It’s called the Lunge Jump.

But if you want to get the fat-burning benefits of this exercise, master certified Turbulence Trainer Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield has the perfect substitutions for you today, along with two other exercise “swaps” you can use so you’ll rapidly burn fat without hurting yourself.

This guest post was written by Mikey “Pancakes” Whitefield, creator of the Bodyweight Finishers System.

3 Simple Exercise Swaps

The Lunge Jump and the Split Shuffle

As much as I love the Lunge Jump, NOT everyone needs to be doing them. If you have bad knees or want a non-impact replacement, you can swap Lunge Jumps with the Split Shuffle.

The Split Shuffle is just like running in place, except you don’t bring your knees up. Here’s a photo of me doing them in my backyard. (For no reason either. I just got a craving to step outside and do some Split Shuffles… who doesn’t get that?)


The trick – DOUBLE the reps that you would have done for Lunge Jumps. So if a bodyweight finisher calls for 6 reps per side on the Lunge Jump, you would do 12 reps per side on the Split Shuffle. That’s how I coach inside my Bodyweight Finishers System videos.

The burpee and the squat/push-up

Another fat-burning move is the Burpee. But again, you may not need to be doing full burpees if you have knee issues or you’re not ready for them.

Sometimes you lack coordination (and that’s OK!) and perhaps your body shouldn’t be taking the impact until you lose more fat.

Knee health score 3

So, what you can do instead is replace the burpee with squats followed by push-ups. Here’s how to do that…

If a bodyweight finisher calls for 30 seconds of burpees, you can do 15 seconds of bodyweight squats followed by 15 seconds of push-ups, or even incline push-ups.

The jump squat and the total body extension

Finally, one of my favorite moves is the Jump Squat.

One thing you can do to reduce the impact in this aggressive move is focus on landing in the squat position. In other words, as you come down, you should immediately lower yourself into a squat in one fluid motion.

Don’t jump, land on your feet, and then squat. That’s too much impact on your knees.

You can take away ALL the impact and still break a big sweat by replacing the Jump Squat with the Total Body Extension.

Here’s how to do that (I did a video for you on YouTube):

You can even use these to replace burpees, too.

A Sample Workout

Let’s use this info with a zero-equipment finisher!

Do the following circuit twice, resting as described. Brace yourself, we’re doing the 20/10 method.

  1. Lunge Jumps – work 20 secs – rest 10 secs
  2. Close-Grip Push-ups – work 20 secs, rest 10 secs
  3. Alternating Bodyweight Chops – work 20 secs – rest 10 secs
  4. Burpees – work 20 secs – rest 10 secs

That’s pure evil going from the Burpee into the Lunge Jumps. (A-ha. A-ha-ha. A-ha-ha-ha. <= Evil laugh.) Here’s what you can do instead if you decide to use the substitution exercises.

  1. Split Shuffle – work 20 secs – rest 10 secs
  2. Close-Grip Push-ups – work 20 secs – rest 10 secs
  3. Alternating Bodyweight Chops – work 20 secs – rest 10 secs
  4. Bodyweight Squats – 10 secs – Push-ups – 10 secs – rest 10 secs

You could also used total body extensions as the last move, instead of the squat/push-ups.

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Boom goes the substitution dynamite!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 08.58.16Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield is the creator of the Bodyweight Finishers System. Mikey is a Master CTT qualified trainer, who combines amazing fitness and workout knowledge with a HUGE love for pancakes.

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  1. JohnHoward

    How a mazing for this site. I go around many articles, it’s really help for a fat guy like me. I will add these exercise to my loose weight routine.

  2. Trevor

    Are the close-grip Push-ups only there to increase difficulty?

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hey Trevor,

      Not sure I totally understand the question. The close grip push ups are there to make the workout a whole-body workout. You can certainly do a different variation like elevated push ups or push ups on your knees if they are too difficult.

      Hope that helps.

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