Stretch Routine for Low Back Pain

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 11, 2011


Description: Millions of people suffer from low back pain. This stretching routine is a compilation of some of the most effective stretches used throughout the world to help relieve low back pain.
For: Low Back
Stretches: 12 1/2 minutes
Pelvis Twists
Frog Sit
Runner’s Spinal Twist
Knee Circles
Knee Hold
Laying Spinal Stretch
Superman Stretch

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  1. Hein

    Did the stretches and my back already feels better.

    Thanx Todd

  2. Pradeep BC

    Hi Todd,

    I have started with your 3 month exercise plan. Man it is intense. I almost puked on the first day of workout. I start out strong with 18 push ups and by the time i am on the 5th upper body exercise i can do like 6-8 reps max. May be i should try slowing down the reps for all the exercises so that i fatigue at 8 -10 reps ?
    Also for lower body exercises, I did almost 50 reps of squats. I think i did them too fast , even for other lower body exercises i end up doing more reps in general. Should i slow the reps down for them ? Please advice. Thanks:)
    Below are the rep counts:

    5 Upper Body Exercises
    Barbwire Pushup – 15 reps
    Condensed Pushup – 7 reps
    Deep Pushup – 6 reps
    Diamond Kiss Pushup – 8 reps
    Frog Pushup – 11 reps

    5 Lower Body Exercises
    Hindu Squat – 50 reps
    Crazy Lunge – 20 reps
    Falling Tower Exercise- 17 reps
    Karate Squat- 10 reps
    Bear Squat – 20 reps

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Way to go Pradeep!Sounds like you are killing it! Yes, for the lower body ones I would slow it down to a 3-5 second count on the way up and on the way down. For the upper body ones the rep ranges look great.

      • Pradeep BC

        Thanks for the quick reply Todd.I am planning to use bands for squats and other exercises to add resistance if thats ok? On alternate days i play tennis or go swimming or just go for a long walk to keep up the cardio.
        I am basically a skinny fat guy with a gut sticking out. I am 5 7″ at 145lb. I am trying to maintain my calories at maintenance level. Should i be eating more or less? ( i want to lose fat and gain that muscle basically) ? I try to eat 1lb of protein per bodyweight and my carbs are usually brown rice/wheat bread and lots of veggies and fruits. I eat 5 small meals every day. I eat clean almost all the time. Let me know if its ok ?


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