The 30 Day Testosterone Boosting Challenge

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
November 28, 2016

Testosterone is a word that gets thrown around a lot. You know you need it… but do you know why? And do you know what helps build sufficient testosterone levels?

Today, we’re going to show you how to easily boost your testosterone by providing an easy-to-follow, five-step routine for you to implement over the next 30 days. This is something you’ll be able to incorporate into your daily life without any major effort or change to your normal routine. Just a few little tweaks to your day-to-day activities can make all the difference in getting your testosterone up to optimal levels.

We’re going to be focusing on six areas of daily activity to increase your testosterone: reducing stress, staying hydrated, eating properly, exercising correctly, utilizing good posture, and sleeping in the ideal environment.

Why Testosterone is Important

Now again, you may know your body needs adequate testosterone, but you may not know why.

Well, testosterone is a critically important hormone that plays multiple roles throughout the body. From the National Institutes of Health:

“In men, it’s thought to regulate sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm.”

Testosterone regulates everything from skin and body hair to your circulatory system. And having low testosterone (commonly referred to as Low T) can cause low libido, depression and energy. Low T can also contribute to weight increase, trouble concentrating and is even linked to a higher risk of death from heart disease.

It’s important to understand, though, that testosterone is not just a male issue. Although women need testosterone in much smaller amounts, it’s still important their levels are kept where they ought to be, in order to keep their mood, energy levels, sex drive and bodily functions working smoothly.

So basically, whether male or female, your body needs testosterone in order to function throughout the day in a variety of capacities.

Why Your Testosterone Levels are Low

Testosterone production begins for males as early as seven weeks after conception. During adolescence and puberty, production of the hormone surges, peaking in the late teens and early 20s.

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The trouble is, It’s natural for testosterone levels to begin dropping by about one percent each year, beginning at age 30. So even if you’re a basically healthy, active guy, once you say bye-bye to your twenties, you’re fighting your own genetics.

And it actually gets worse. Men today have significantly less testosterone today than just a couple decades ago. There’s strong evidence to suggest this is due to a higher obesity rate, more stress, less physical activity and poor diet.

However, that doesn’t mean your testosterone levels are a lost cause. If you’re looking to right the ship and recapture the energy you had back in your physical prime, there are options. And that’s what we want to help you with today.

Easy-to-Follow Routine for 30 Days

We’ve mapped out a very simple, attainable routine for you to follow, which will help you put a stop to decreasing testosterone and naturally boost your levels back to where they need to be in order for you feel ready to tackle everything life has to offer.

If you follow this routine for 30 days, you’ll definitely feel a major change in your energy levels, all due to your increased testosterone. So for that reason, we’ve created an easy to download sheet for you to use, in order to keep you on track. Be sure to download your 30-Day Testosterone Boosting Routine Now!


1) Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day


It’s probably no surprise to you that your body needs water throughout the day. But proper hydration is actually essential for regulating testosterone levels as well.

When you don’t drink enough water, your endocrine system will slow down and decrease production of vital hormones — HGH, dopamine and, you guessed it, testosterone.

Now, the important thing to remember is that 8 glasses is not the magic number for everyone. We all have different bodies of different sizes and therefore need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. 8 Glasses is a great place to start, but you may need more (or less). The best gauge is by observing your urine color to determine how much water you need.


2) Eat a Handful of Walnuts Every Day


Walnuts, like many other types of nuts, are a great source of zinc, B vitamins, protein, selenium, and other essential compounds needed for testosterone creation. They’re also filled with healthy fat that provides the cholesterol that cells need to produce testosterone.

Grab a handful of these delicious nuts to get your levels where they should be. Other viable options are brazil nuts and almonds.

3) Perform a High-Intensity Interval Training Workout


High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, is a workout variation we’ve covered before. If you’re unfamiliar, HIIT is a way to maximize your time working out by performing multiple, high-intensity exercises at once. By using short bursts of intense exertion followed by little to no rest during an exercise session, you not only get a great workout in a small amount of time, but you can also boost your testosterone levels!

Studies have shown that a HIIT workout produces a more pronounced turnover of “free testosterone” than typical “steady state endurance” exercises.

Looking for a great HIIT workout? We list 6 of the best from around the web right here. As you’ll see, you can get a great workout that can take as little as four minutes — yes, really!

4) Strike a Power Pose for Two Minutes


When you think of a typical “alpha male,” do you think of a shy guy with bowed shoulders, hunched over and looking unsure about himself? Of course not! They’re always standing in assertive positions letting people know that they are in charge.

That’s because these guys all have high testosterone levels, and research suggests the way you carry yourself can affect how much testosterone you produce. Two groups from Colombia and Yale University found that you can raise your testosterone by 20%, just by adopting certain “power stances.”

So for two minutes a day, get into one of those power poses. Stand tall with your back straight. Put your chest out, shoulders straight, hands on hips like you mean business. Two minutes of this will shoot your testosterone and make you feel more in charge.

5) Sleep for 8-10 Hours a Day in a Pitch Black Room


You know you need a good night’s sleep in order to feel energetic, focused and ready to tackle the day. But did you know that your body needs quality sleep in order to produce testosterone?

It’s true. A study conducted from 2003-2009 found that male participants who were sleep deprived saw their testosterone levels drop by up to 15 percent. The typical decrease due to normal aging in men is only 1-2 percent.

8-10 hours of sleep is the amount you’ll need to produce testosterone at the normal rate. But the sleep needs to be as uninterrupted as possible — that means no TV, no music, and the room should be kept as dark as possible. So if you need to overcome a fear of the dark in order to do this, make it happen!

Wanna Get Hardcore?

So you think you’re up for a real challenge? Because there are other ways you can build up your testosterone levels throughout the day. They may take a bit more time and effort, but they’re all proven methods. If you’re serious about having the vitality and energy you had in your 20s, you’ve got to try these in addition to the above 30-day routine.

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Spend an Hour a Day Doing Something You Love

It’s no secret that stress lowers testosterone. And the effect is almost immediate. Stress triggers an increase in cortisol, a hormone in the body associated with interruptions in sleep patterns. And as we’ve discussed, poor sleep results in the depletion of testosterone.

How best to counter this? Well, how about spending some time doing something you love? It could be cooking, reading, gardening… even something as simple as watching your favorite TV show. How does this work?

“A hobby is helpful because it gives another outlet to feel good, relaxed, and confident,” says therapist Diana Evans Berman, LMFT, LCSW. “Stress often comes from feeling out of control.”

So grab the paintbrush, the checkers board or the remote control — your body will thank you.

Cut out the Sugar

As if you need another reason to cut high-sugar junk food from your diet, past research shows that high levels of insulin, the hormone primarily secreted after eating, is related to low testosterone levels.

And a recent experiment showed a significant change in testosterone levels following an administration of glucose (sugar).

If you sweep your kitchen of cookies, cakes and candies high in sugar, and instead opt for snacks that are low in sugar, your body will be able to build testosterone much more easily.

Looking for some ideas on healthy alternatives to junk food? Here’s an awesome article outlining 33 Healthier Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.

Watch Your Favorite Team (Win)

This last one is for the die-hard sports fanatics out there. Next time your significant other gives you grief about constantly watching your favorite team on TV, let them know you’re just trying to take better care of yourself.

That’s because research from Georgia State University has found that men who watch their favorite teams compete experience the same type of testosterone boost as the players themselves.

Now, here’s the important thing: if your team is having a tough time stringing together victories, this may be a lost cause for you, because the surge in testosterone only occurs if your team wins.

That may be a tough pill to swallow (looking at you, Browns fans). While the study found levels of testosterone did rise in highly dedicated fans just by anticipating the upcoming game or match, overall testosterone levels increased about 20 percent in fans of winning teams and decreased about 20 percent in fans of losing teams.

So if you’re pretty confident your team has a good chance of winning the upcoming game, tune in — your testosterone will jump so much, your body will think you caught the winning touchdown pass.

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