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Get Stronger, Faster with Bodyweight Omni Exercises

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Health Concern 1: I need to lose weight.

Losing weight can be challenging for anyone. Thankfully, you can change that by activating your “metabolic switch” and burn fat even while resting.

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Unlike many strenuous exercises like heavy weight lifting can damage joint cartilage or leave you feeling exhausted… this little-known “Red Onion Exercise” requires no-movement and quickly boosts your overall strength in only 8 weeks…

Health Concern 3: I want 6 pack abs fast.

A tight midsection and chiseled 6 pack boosts confidence and overall health. So why wouldn’t you want them? Right? We’ve developed a unique sequence of “core exercises” called the Multi-directional LH5 Method” to help anyone quickly lose fat around their midsection and get 6 pack abs fast.