Total Body 16min Workout Called “The 30 Second Exercise Challenge” (An Extremely Effective Workout For The Busy Elitist)

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
April 09, 2012


“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” -Chinese Proverb

This workout above incorporates 32 “small steps” that are combined into a kick butt routine that will challenge even the strongest elitist.

How do I do it?

This full body workout will take you through 32 different extreme exercises. You will only get 5 seconds in between to rest (and this is only to write down your total reps for each set). You’ll be doing each exercise for 30 seconds.

It is designed to couple body parts together so you achieve maximum fatigue for each area of your body.

Below you will find the exercises. First click on each exercise to check out the form. It is critically important to get the right form down otherwise you may think you are doing the same move but in reality, be doing something completely different and not getting the full effect. I want to take a moment here to mention the importance of nutrition in getting the body that most people desire. It is a common fallacy to think that, “If I just workout enough, then I’ll get ripped.” This is totally incorrect. Nutrition is the bedrock of getting an incredible body and choosing the right foods is that essential component. A renowned nutritionist, Mike Geary, put together a video called the 7 Odd Foods That Kill Abdominal Fat. I highly recommend you check it out.

Can I use this as my daily workout routine?

Yes! I typically do this routine Monday through Friday. It’s a great full body routine that can be an adjunct to a running, swimming or a biking training regimen or it can be a stand alone plan. It’s very important to track your reps for each set, then over the course of a month or two, you can see your results.

How long is it?

The workout is only 16 minutes long. Make sure to do a warmup and a brief cool down and stretch session.

What exercises will I be doing?

Form is very important. If you are not familiar with any of the exercises, click the link below to learn the form before beginning the workout. VERY IMPORTANT! There is no rest in between each exercise. That’s what makes it intense!

Bicycles with weight (30 sec)

Mountain Climbers aka Plank Runs (30 sec)

Knee Health Score 1

Burpees with weight  (30 sec)

Spiderman Pushups (30 sec)

Diverbombers (30 sec)

Diamond Pushups (30 sec)

L Seat (30 sec)

Plyo Lunges with Weight (30 sec)

Pistol Squat Right Leg (30 sec)

Pistol Squat Left Leg (30 sec)

Hindu Squats (30 sec)

Right Elbow Twist (30 sec)

Left Elbow Twist (30 sec)

Right Knee/Elbow Twist (30 sec)

Left Knee/Elbow Twist (30 sec)

Walking Pushup (30 sec)

Low Plank Hold (30 sec)

V Up (30 sec)

Standard Pushup (30 sec)

X Pushup (30 sec)

Right Uneven Pushup (30 sec)

Left Uneven Pushup (30 sec)

Knee health score 3

V Hold (30 sec)

Bridge Pushup (30 sec)

Right Side Donkeys (30 sec)

Left Side Donkeys (30 sec)

Straight Leg Situps (30 sec)

Burpees with weight (30 sec)

Gracie Drill (30 sec)

Bear Squat (30 sec)

X Pushup (30 sec)

Bicycles with weight (30 sec)

Tips For The 30 Second Exercise Challenge:

1. Write down your reps: Make sure you are tracking your total reps that you do for each set.

*Extreme recommendation* Here’s a tip for the truly extreme. Since this is a one month routine, it will be important to track your total reps for each set, as mentioned above. Yet to make it truly extreme, tell yourself that you can only write down the number of reps if you beat the previous days reps. For example, say you did 15 pushups on Monday. When you get to Tuesday, if you only do 14, then you can’t put it down. You have to simply put an X or check mark. This will drive you harder to increase your pace and determination to achieve that higher number.

2. If you DO need to rest…: Make sure you rest in an active rest position. Don’t fall down to the ground and say, “I’m done!” For example, if you are doing pushups and can’t do any more, push back to a downward dog position and rest for a couple of seconds. There is no harm in this.

3. Remember this important fact! Each exercise is ONLY 30 seconds. That’s the fun part of it. Many of the moves will be very difficult. Yet remember that you can do practically anything for 30 seconds. This important fact will help push you through the difficult moments.

4. If you are having a difficult time… remember that it all begins in the mind. This article will help you learn 5 techniques for battling that little devil on your shoulder that says, you can’t do it.


Let me know what you think of the workout and if you would like to see more like it!

I’m brainstorming a “Double or Nothing” Workout Challenge where people bet money on if they’ll be able to complete a body weight 1, 2, or 3 month challenge. If they do complete it, I’ll double their money. If they don’t, they lose it all (yet in reality, since they will probably get in the best shape of their life, they’re not really losing anything).

To Your Extreme Health!




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  1. Barish

    Hey Todd, been doing your 15 min chest workout and boy does it give results!!! I got my reps up from 30reps to 45 in just a month!! Thanks a lot for giving out such valuable information out for free. Does this workout focus on the back and biceps? And how long before I see results?

  2. John S

    Hey Todd. Looks great but where’s the link to the worksheet? Thanks for all you do man. -John

  3. John

    Hi Todd, is this a type of HIIT workout?

  4. steve warwick

    Hi Todd,

    If I wanted to add an additional day to the 90 day extreme bodyweight challenge, would you suggest something like this routine? I’ve read that it’s not good to take 2 consecutive days off so I thought I could do this on Mondays then the 3 x a week on tuesday, thurday and saturday?!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Steve,

      Considering how taxing the 90 Day Bodyweight Extreme Program is, two consecutive rest days is perfectly reasonable, but if you feel that the program is not challenging you enough, the plan that you described should be good. Just watch out for over training, and give your body rest if it asks for it.

      – Todd

  5. keithy

    I really like the variation and intensity of this workout routine. The one exercise I can’t do is the bridge pushup which I’ve never seen before – I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for sharing this workout with us.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Keithy,

      I’m glad you like the workout. The bridge pushup is a bit advanced, but very doable. Just keep at it!

      – Todd

  6. Mike

    Thanks a lot Tod for this awesome workout, though practicing it every now and then for some months now, it still makes me sweating and breathing heavily 😀

  7. Dan Lyons

    Hey Todd,
    I’m into my first workouts for the 3rd month (3 month training plan)
    I’m well in excess of doing over 100 total push ups.
    The 3rd month plan calls for some difficult exercises that I just cannot yet do. (The wall walk exercise, Spider walk exercise, etc)

    Quick question: Can I do this 16 minute workout on the days that I’m not doing the other training. I’m normally do cycling and swimming.
    I’m still looking to focus in a bit on my overall results. I would like something that really targets the abs/obliques. I would also like something that really ramps up the heart rate.
    THANKS, Todd!
    I’m not where I want be but I have made great gains in some areas!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      That’s great Dan.

      Yes, it definitely takes time. How is your nutrition? That will really help with abs/obliques. I am happy to make recommendations. Most people believe that ab exercises will lead them to a flat stomach but in reality it comes down to nutrition.

      Have you tried Tabata Training? It really ramps up your heart rate and can be done in a short amount of time. I am planning to put together some workouts using this style of training.

      Congrats on doing so well with the program. Yes, you can do the 16min workout in addition to the 3 month body weight program. Though if you are noticing that you are not recovering quickly, definitely cut it out. Your muscles need time to recuperate as well.


      • Dan Lyons

        Yes, please! Please make diet recommendations. I eat ok. Its not great but its not total crap either. I do like to have my sweets during the week.
        I want to see if it possible to get the six pack abs and total cut look? I may be beyond my optimal window for this. I think it is still attainable to get this, don’t you?
        I’m not sure what Tabata Training is. Please give some information on this as well as the diet.

        Thanks for your help and support!

        • Todd Kuslikis

          Hi Dan,

          I would be happy to help. And yes, it is possible to get a six pack even past the ideal window. I have seen 70 and 80 year olds that put me to shame.

          Here’s what I would like you to do if you are serious about your goal: For the next 7 days I would like you to track EVERYTHING you eat (include even things that pass through your lips like gum, etc.) and the times that you eat them. This is a 7 Day Nutrition Log. Don’t try to change your diet at all but just record everything.

          Once the 7 days are up, send it to me (it can be typed or hand written and scanned in) to I will then look at it and together we will get you on the road to having amazing abs.


  8. mary

    Watched the video at work today. Will get right on this! thanks for posting!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Mary,

      That’s great! Let me know how you like it compared to P90X. Others have said it is pretty hard, including Allison. 😉

      Hope things are going well with SowHope!


  9. remo fishenden

    16 mins of bodyweight brutality…awsome workout. A full body blitz and very economical…put a client through this and they loved it, great post !

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Awesome Remo! I’m so glad you liked it and that it worked for your client. I put my wife through it and she thought it was brutal too. Had to adjust some of the moves so she did some of them on her knees.

      Will keep them coming! Let me know if you want them longer, shorter, harder or what! 🙂


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