The Strength Stack 52 Workout Challenge (Mad Monday)

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
April 22, 2013

I am a big believer that when you incorporate games and enjoyment into working out, you increase the likelihood of success 10 fold. When I was going through personal training school many years ago our teacher hammered home the importance of helping our clients find activities that they enjoyed. Nicole would say, “The key is get them engaged. Help them find activities that they naturally gravitate to and develop a program off of that.

The hardest part of fitness is NOT the sweat. Its not the effort. Its not even individualizing a training program to meet your needs.

The hardest part IS making it fun. When exercise is fun than you are much more likely to do it.

Recently I came across a workout game that incorporates body weight exercises, strength training, cardio, competition and enjoyment all wrapped up into one. Its a workout product called Strength Stack 52 and I am a HUGE proponent of it. In fact, its what we are basing our Mad Monday workout off of.

What Is Strength Stack 52?

Strength Stack 52 is a pack of workout cards that has an assortment of body weight exercises printed on them. The founder, Mike Volkin, who is a military fitness trainer created many different games you can do with the cards including fit poker, war and several others.

In today’s Mad Monday workout we are going to go through a Strength Stack 52 Workout Challenge that I created.

Todd’s Strength Stack 52 Workout (Mad Monday)

This workout is 20 minutes long and we will be utilizing the Strength Stack 52 program. There will be no rest in between exercises so you really want to push it. Of course, if you need to take a brief moment to catch your breath or let your muscles rest that’s fine. The goal however is to not take any rest periods and to push yourself really hard.

Set a timer (or just follow along with the video since I have one all set to go) and work your way through the cards. Each card has a number of reps that you should do. Follow the card and go from one exercise to the next until the time runs out. After the workout record how many cards you went through. In this Mad Monday routine we went through quite a few (I won’t tell you how many because I want you to go through the video. ;)).

Keep track of your total number of cards and try to break that record each time you do the routine.

One reason why I like the Strength Stack workout so much is because it gives you a very tangible goal, Ie- get through all the cards. Over time your muscles will get stronger and be able to handle more and more load. Then you’ll be able to break your previous records.

Knee health score 3

Sample Strength Stack 52 Workout Schedule

There are many ways you can utilize Strength Stack 52 or put your own program together. I recommend sticking with this 20 minute routine and doing it 3X per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The cards lead you through a full body weight routine so you can just follow along and do whatever the cards tell you.

You can learn more about Strength Stack 52 by clicking below. The site also has a bunch of cool games that will add some spice to your workouts.

Pick up your own Strength Stack 52 Body Weight Exercise Cards.

So, that’s our Mad Monday workout! Hope you enjoy!



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