What In The World Are Tiger Bend Push Ups?

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
January 17, 2022

If the normal push ups are too lame for you, you can try something a little more advanced like tiger bend push ups. Tiger what, you say?

Tiger bend push ups help you work on your triceps, deltoids and trapezius. There seem to be different versions of this kind of push ups. You can do the more difficult version, the elevated version, which involves balancing on your hands or the floor version that puts you on all fours on the floor like a regular push up. Both have different difficulty levels, obviously, but both involves a bend and shift in weight.

How to do tiger bend push ups

Tiger bend push ups are a little bit advanced so if you can’t even do regular push ups, you shouldn’t try this at all. Get comfortable with normal push ups first before progressing to tiger bend push ups.



Elevated tiger bend push ups

To do tiger bend push ups balancing on your hands, you have to be strong enough to hold a handstand and an elbow stand for at least half a minute each. You should also be able to do regular handstand push ups before trying the tiger bend.

Tiger bend push ups basically involve shifting from and to an elbow stand as you do a handstand push up. From an elbow stand, push forward then up and follow the same movement as you come down. You can check out the video below for an illustration.

Floor tiger bend push ups

For floor tiger bend push ups, the movement is similar but you don’t have to be upside down and balancing on your hands. You just do the position of a regular push up, but incorporate the shift in weight to your elbows like in the instructions above.

There are other variations to tiger bend push ups. You can use a push up board to really help you work the triceps out with the weight shift.

Have you ever tried tiger bend push ups? What was your experience like? Share with us in a comment below!

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  1. Raymond.bartlette

    Beautiful tigerbend pushups, well done also what’s the most tigerbend pushup have done in one minute or 30 seconds

  2. Devon

    How in the world would you get strong enough.0)

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