Tony P90X: How A Revolution Was Started By One Man

September 25, 2011

Since it’s debut in 2004, P90X has taken the fitness industry by storm. Tony Horton’s slogan, “Bring It!” can be heard echoing the walls inside basements and living rooms of tens of thousands of “graduates” of the program. What lead to the success of Tony P90X workouts? How has this program, which incorporates many of the same elements as hundreds of other fitness programs, broke through to mainstream and become a household term? We’ll explore the reasons here.

Image Credit: Tony P90X

Tony P90X Success Stats

1. Tony’s P90X is receiving almost 3,000,000 million global searches on Google per month. (Aug 2011)

2. As of November 2010, 3 million copies of P90X has been sold.

3. As of November 2010, total of $420 million in revenue has been made from the program.

Reasons for the Success of Tony & P90X:

1. Incorporates a Passionate Leader

Great evangelist John Wesley once said, “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.” This is certainly what Tony Horton has embodied as he leads the P90X exercise videos. He not only knows what he is talking about but his energy and enthusiasm help people get through the workouts, which in turn, brings results.

2. Leverages the Power of Television

If you have ever been flipping through the stations in the middle of the night, you have probably come across Tony Horton jumping around on your screen. Beachbody (the company that owns P90X) has been using this mode of advertising for years. They hired infamous Ned Farr to shoot the infomercial.

-“Tony P90X: The Proof” infomercial has actually won a Telly award in 2009

-“Tony P90X: The Answer” infomercial, in 2010, won a Moxie award

3. Built an Active Community

Tony P90X and Beachbody have done an incredible job establishing an active community. Not only is community built through the business opportunity, (it is an MLM after all) but they have an online support community that is active. People can go there to find support and answers for challenges that may come up during the program.

4. Created a Program that Actually Works

The program is no joke. It is about an hour a day, 6 days a week. Tony incorporates quite a bit of cardio, interval training, plyometrics, and many other methods of training. He states the importance of writing down your reps/sets, establishing goals, and the importance of good nutrition. All the essential ingredients for successful muscle building and fat loss.

5. Achieved National Publicity

Companies love it when print and other sources of media promote a product. They love it even more when celebrities try it and begin to tell their followers about it.

Print Media Promoting Tony’s P90X:

US Weekly


The Advocate

InTouch Weekly

Fitness Magazine


Celebrities Lovin’ Tony’s P90X:

Demi Moore

Erin Andrews

David Keenan

Poppy Montgomery

David Akers

Lisa Keys

P90X: The Proof Video (Won Telly Award in 2009)

P90X: The Answer Video (Won Moxie award in 2010)

Creation of P90X

Listen to P90X’s Tony Horton and bring it!

P90X Success Stories

Tony P90X Resources:

P90X For Women

P90X For Men

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