Top 10 Most Dangerous Places To Get Fit

So there are definitely safe places to get fit and dangerous places to get fit. Workouts at home or at the gym definitely fall into the former category. The below places, I think you’ll agree, fall into the latter. Hope you enjoy this list of the most dangerous places to get fit.

10. On A Steep Hill While Running After Cheese

9. On The Side Of A Really Tall Tree

8. On Top Of A Thin Layer Of Ice

7. In A Boxing Ring With This Dude

6. In Ethiopia In A Stick Fighting Match

5. In Front Of The Horns Of A Bull

4. On Top Of A Huge Freakin’ Wave

3. Underneath 7 Trucks

2. On The Huashan Trail With No Harness

1. In A Pool With An Angry Whale

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