Top 12 Weird & Fun Races You Have Never Heard Of Before

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
November 03, 2011

So Allison came home from a visit to IKEA with her sister and her friend. She mentioned that along the lakeshore their was a weird race going on. It was called the Monster Dash and is Chicago’s annual Halloween Race. She told me that the Monster Dash is a race that looked really inviting and fun. I thought, weird races may be the exact thing that this country needs to get everyone involved.

Benefit of Weird Races

I think the Monster Dash was inviting to my wife and the other people in the car because the race centered on being fun and unique. There is an attractiveness to joining a group of people and doing something a bit silly. It gets more people involved and you don’t feel like a goof because everyone is doing it. The below 12 Weird Races are meant to show you what is out there. I bet you have never heard of a bunch of these before. Not all of them are running races like the Monster Dash but all of them are very unique, fun and bizarre. The point of this post is not only showcase weird races but to also share what is out there. Sometimes we live in our little bubble and only think there are regular races. This post is to pop that bubble!

Top 12 Weird Races

12. The Mud Run

11. Monster Dash

10. Night of the Running Dead

9. Santa Klaus Jingle Run

8. Office Chair Racing

7.Wife Carrying Race

6. Dummy Downhill Race

5. Severs Corn Maze Race

4. Urban Pigeon Racing

3. Cheese Rolling

2. Mascot Race


1. Man vs Horse Marathon

Let me know what you think and make sure to check out these other Weird Races!

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