Top Secrets Of A Natural Bodybuilder (Video Interview with Hugo Rivera)

November 08, 2012

Who is Hugo Rivera?

Hugo Rivera is one of the world’s top natural bodybuilders. He has competed and placed in the USA Bodybuilding Championships, Team Universe and many others bodybuilding competitions. He has also written highly acclaimed books including The Body Sculpting Bible For Men, The Body Sculpting Bible For Women, The Hardgainer’s Bodybuilding Handbook, and my personal favorite the Body Re-Engineering Online Program. He is also the founder of, a premier resource for all things natural bodybuilding.

Hugo has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time now. We talk frequently via Skype and email to discuss training and online community building.

I wanted to bring Hugo to the Shot of Adrenaline community because there is still a ton of confusion on how to build muscle. Hugo is widely considered a top expert on the subject so I figured there would be no better person to have on AdrenalineTV.

Interview with Natural Bodybuilder Hugo Rivera:

1:25m – Hugo did not pop out of his mother’s womb with guns of steel and six pack abs. For much of his childhood he was overweight. He then went to the opposite side of the spectrum and became anorexic. Learn the catalyst for what made Hugo want to transform his life and how you can apply it to your own life.

10:30m – Hugo shares how he gained 45lbs of muscle in 3 months without taking steroids!

11:14m – What is Natural Bodybuilding and why is it so important to balance your hormone levels in order to build muscle?

15:24m – How does Hugo train in order to get such huge gains? Why is periodization critical for building muscle?

17:40m – If someone is looking to build muscle what should they eat on a daily basis?

20:40m – In order to get truly shredded you have to learn what type of body you have… endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph. How do you find out what type you are?

24:40m – Hugo tells us if we need to take supplements in order to get an amazing physique. He also shares one of the best kept secrets in the bodybuilding industry for a supplement that will not only help you get bigger but also improve brain health, muscle health and a ton of other systems of the body.

29:30m – Does creatine make you look puffy? Learn why it is really the water between the cells that make you look bloated not the water inside cells (effects of creatine) that decrease your definition.

33:20m – What are some tricks and tips that Hugo uses in order to push his muscles to the max!

40:00m – What are Hugo’s tips on staying motivated to do your workouts?

44:20m – Hugo’s challenge to all those that that think they can’t do it. Hugo started off with the worst possible physique and used dedication and the right knowledge to build one of the most coveted physiques in the industry. If he can do it. you can too!


What I Learned From My Interview With Hugo Rivera…

I loved Hugo’s analogy of the bicycle. Training and nutrition are the two wheels of your bicycle that will get you to where you need to go. No supplement or ebook will give you a rocking body. It takes proper training and solid nutrition.

Hugo also talks a lot about periodization. There are so many people that find a routine and do the same thing day in and day out. There is no modification in the volume, reps, intensity, etc. so they reach a plateau and waste their time. You need to modify different aspects of your workouts in order to make faster gains.


Where To Find Hugo Online..

Body Re-Engineering Program – In a previous life, Hugo was an engineer. Now he is helping people around the world re-engineer their bodies. – Hugo’s personal website for teaching bodybuilding and nutrition.

Hugo on Facebook – Hugo has a ton of fans on Facebook. He frequently provides motivation and inspiration to all of his fans.

Hugo on YouTube – This is one of my favorite Hugo Resources. He has tons of free videos that will teach you the exact routines that he uses to build muscle.

Hugo on Twitter – The natural bodybuilder tweets invaluable muscle building tips.


What has been your biggest struggle when trying to build muscle? Ask your questions in the comments section below.


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