9 Oldest and Most Trusted Strongman Competitions in the World

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
January 13, 2012

We’ve all seen this on TV at one point or another. A huge heavy muscled guy lifting a very large barbell or pulling a truck behind him with a rope. Strongman competitions are legendary and extremely amazing to watch.

Quite literally, strongman competitions involve big and strong men showing off their strength by lifting and pulling extremely heavy objects or doing all sorts of crazy things like try to bend metal pipes.

Here’s a list of the top 9 oldest and most trusted strongman competitions in the world.

The World’s 9 Oldest and Most Trusted Strongman Competitions

There have been many major strongman competitions established in the last thirty years, but, sadly, not all of them are still being held until now. Some of these strongman competitions ceased to exist due mainly to issues with the governing bodies of strongman competitions. I still put a couple of those competitions on this list because they were pretty popular and prestigious while they lasted and deserved to be noted.

9. World Muscle Power Classic, also known as the World Muscle Power Championships

The WMPC was established in 1985 and was considered second of the most prestigious strongman competitions in the world. This competition featured multiple events and had been participated in by some of the world’s most famous strength athletes. Unfortunately it had its last event in 2004. It fell victim to the issues between two different governing bodies of some strongman competitions.

8. Giants Live

This competition was established in 2009 as a competition series, which served as the new official qualifiers for the World’s Strongest Man. It is held in various locations as a multi-event competition.

7. Fortissimus

The Fortissimus started in 2008 and is one of the well-recognized events in strength athletics. It is a multi-event competition that bestows the title of “Strongest Man on Earth” to its winner. It became a competition featuring the world’s strength athletes from different organizations. Fortissimus was one of the strongman competitions that ventured to unite the world strength community.

6. Strongman Champions League

The Strongman Champions League was established in 2008. It is a strongman competition circuit held in several locations per year. It is a series of strongman competitions taking place all over the world and participated in by the world’s notable strength athletes.

5. Highlander Challenge World Championships

The Highlander Challenge World Championships was established in 2007. This is probably one of the most interesting of strongman competitions because it combines traditional highland games with modern strength events. Events include stone lifting and schiltron jousting. The Highlander Challenge also features re-enactments of battles.

4. World Strongman Cup

This competition was established in 2004 and it is a tour event with competitions held in various locations around the world.

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3. Arnold Strongman Classic

This event was established in 2002 and is an offshoot of the Arnold Classic, the bodybuilding event named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is one of the few strongman competitions that is not affiliated with any major strongman producers or competitions.

2. Strongman Super Series

The Strongman Super Series was created in 2001 and it is a sequence of strongman events. It was established to respond to concerns that strongman competitions did not have a league-type of tour-type tournament. The Strongman Super Series made sure that there were major strongman events throughout the year and performance in those events determined the overall champion. It was also the qualifiers for the World’s Strongest Man before Giants Live took over.

1. World’s Strongest Man – the oldest and most trusted of all strongman competitions

This competition was created in 1977 and has been held in different places on earth like the USA, Iceland, Zambia, Mauritius, Morocco, Malaysia, and China. Strong men from all around the world gather together to do several tests of strengths designed to determine the world’s strongest man. Being a pioneer in strongman competitions, The World’s Strongest Man has become the forerunner of strongman competitions in the world.

Can you believe what these strong men can do? These top strongman competitions certainly showed the world just what the strongest men in the world are capable of.

What do you think of the strongman competitions? Leave us a comment below.

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