The Full Body Turks of Fury Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
August 14, 2015

turks of fury workout in infographic form

Below is a full-body workout with extra emphasis on core and upper body strength.


Do each exercise for the total amount of reps then immediately move to the next exercise. Once you finish 1 round, rest for 60 seconds. Do 4 total rounds to build maximum muscle and conditioning.


Advanced Modifications:

You can increase the challenge by not resting between rounds. After finishing your 20 triangle push-ups go right back and do the x push-ups. Your triceps will be in agony but they will thank you later.

Beginner Modifications:

You can lessen the intensity by doing fewer reps. Alternatively, you can have a brief rest between exercises. Just don’t overdo it, 20 seconds is ideal. Make sure sweat doesn’t dry off.

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  1. John Fawkes

    Not doing this workout, but have used a nearly identical one recently- it was tough as hell, and great for recomping. Mine was heavier on iso-lateral exercises- I’ve noticed it’s much, much easier to sleep when I incorporate iso-lateral movements like the Turkish get-up.

  2. Richard

    Awesome exercises choice!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Glad you like it Richard!

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