Twitter Fitness: How Tweeting Can Improve Your Health

September 25, 2011

Technology is changing how we view exercise accountability. In years past, calling up a buddy to see how their exercise routine was going was a standard practice of creating exercise accountability. Now resources, like Twitter, give anyone with internet access real time motivation, accountability, and access to free knowledge on fitness anytime, anywhere. I call this concept Twitter Fitness.

Twitter gives its users the ability to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are texted-based messages of up to 140 characters displayed on user’s profiles.  Although it was first used to update friends on anything the twitterer was doing (like tweeting what you were having for breakfast), the site is used for much more, as evidenced by the over 200 million users and 190 million tweets a day. The opportunity to use this powerful resource to hold fitness enthusiasts accountable for exercise success is undeniable. Technology is changing the fitness industry and sites that act in real-time, like Twitter, are paving the way for an industry that is connected, accountable, and motivated.

5 Ways Twitter Fitness Is Changing The Industry:

1. Real-time Motivation

Have you ever thought, “I wish I was more motivated to do my exercise routine?” One of the largest hurdles to exercise success is not overcome with better deals on gym memberships or latest at-home fitness gadgets. Real-time motivation is the key to getting lazy butts off couches and dropping to the floor to push out a quick 20. Twitter Fitness allows each Twitterer to send out a tweet asking for some motivation. Immediately, others see that tweet and respond with comments such as “You can do it @BigHoss!” or “I did my exercise this morning, now it’s your turn @ExtremeExercise!” Instant feedback like this becomes a game changer in the exercise realm because it creates inspiration.

2. Real-time Inspiration

Twitter gives Twitterers the ability to follow some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry. Old Man Fitness required experts to write books or hold seminars to inspire their followers to achieve success. Twitter Fitness tweets out inspiration like a blink of an eye. Enthusiasts can follow people that inspire them from any niche they choose. And in real-time they see inside the lives of their favorite role models and understand what makes them tick.

3. Real-time Advice

Yes, we are way past the days when you needed to visit your doctor to get a basic understanding of common ailments. Doing a simple Google search brings up tens of thousands of possible answers, all from the comfort of your desk top. Twitter, however, may be fast surpassing even Google in how we access information. Since Twitter Fitness gives every fitness and exercise enthusiast a way to tweet out their messages to their followers, conversations can occur much more quickly than the old Google “peck and hunt.” In real-time, you can tweet out a question, everything from “My ankle has been hurting when I jog…any tips out there?” to “I’m looking for a good stretch for low-back pain. It kills me after sitting. Please help…”. The even more surprising fact is that your question could reach many experts that are willing to give advice. It’s like having your own personal team of experts by your side.

4. Real-time Leadership

Les Brown once said, “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” If Les is right in that each person needs to help others in some way in order to achieve their own dreams, than exercise success should not be excluded. There is some mysterious link in this world between helping others, and our achievement, that can not be ignored. Going to a gym or health club certainly gives the personal trainers or managers an opportunity to lead but if leadership is linked to success, how are members given the opportunity to lead? Twitter Fitness fulfills this role perfectly. On the site each Twitterer has the ability to build a following. People choose to follow their tweets. It is extremely encouraging when you see your following growing and you realize that these real people care about what you have to say. Nothing is more encouraging and motivating when you know others are looking up to you. Twitter turns every fitness enthusiast into a leader.

5. Real-time Community

Charlie Brown stated it best: “Few people are successful unless people want them to be.” No fitness community, up until now, can interact with you in the same way Twitter can. Rewind ten years ago; health clubs provided great communities. You looked forward to visiting the club and saying Hi to your “Y buddies.” Yet when you left the club, where did your community go? With Twitter, and via your mobile device, your community follows you where ever you go. This is real-time community engagement never seen before in the fitness industry.

Twitter Fitness Final Thoughts:

It’s astounding to watch the fitness industry change. The “me-too” fitness products and health clubs have become a dime-a-dozen. The industry has become saturated. The old ways of engaging are being taken over by real-time immediate accountability that keeps people motivated and excited to get fit. If you haven’t already created a Twitter account do it today. Start building your following and start following others you respect and want to hear from. Engage with the community in real-time and you’ll be part of a shift in an industry that has not changed for decades.

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