Upside Down Man Exercise

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 11, 2011

Upside Down Man Exercise is very similar to Letter I Press up but you are not moving up and down in this exercise. It is a static hold.

How to do an Upside Down Man Exercise:

Position your head right next to a wall, upside down, so your face is pointing away from the wall. Place your hands beside your head. Kick your legs up so they are lined up straight with the wall. Hold.

Muscle group worked:


Target Repetitions for Muscle Growth: 60 seconds

Why an Upside Down Man Exercise works:

Upside Down Man Exercise works so well because all the weight of your body is being held up by your shoulder muscles.


Ideally, try to keep your body as straight as you can. This will be difficult but is something to work toward. You can develop shoulder problems quickly with this exercise so be careful with it.


Breath in and out slowly throughout this exercise.

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