V up Exercise

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 07, 2011

V up sit up is a classic exercise to strengthen your abs. Use this video to guide you on how to perform this popular exercise correctly.

How to do a V Up Exercise:

Lay face up on the ground with your legs extended and arms above your head. Simultaneously lift your arms and upper body along with your lower legs (knees straight) up until they meet above you. Lower your body and legs back to starting position. Repeat.

Muscle group worked:

V sit up works your lower and upper abs very effectively.

Target Repetitions for Muscle Growth: 6-8

Why the V Up Exercise works:

The reason the V sit up works so effectively is because it recruits both sets of ab muscles (lower and upper). Your legs and upper body have weight that is difficult for your abs to handle when they are working in this position. So if we utilize the principle of Angular Training here, we see that the abs are working from different angles to cause fatigue and overall growth.


Try to keep your back as straight as you can during the V sit up.


Breath out as your body comes up. Breath in as your body comes back down.


Disclaimer: Talk to your primary care physician before beginning any exercise regimen.

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