The Whole Lot Of Push Ups Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
February 22, 2016

“So what gym do you go to?”

“None. I’m actually doing bodyweight exercise.”

“You mean push ups and stuff?”

I’ve had conversations like this before and I’m sure you have too.

whole lot of pushups workout

You could explain to some people that bodyweight exercise is much more than push ups until the cows come home, but they’ll still end the conversation with “man, you can’t get big just doing push ups.”

Today, we’re not going to resist that. Today we’re sticking to push ups. Today we’re going to show the naysayers that you can get a great workout “just doing push ups.”

Let’s get to it.


Do each exercise until failure, rest for 20 seconds, then move to the next exercise. Once you finish one round, rest for 40-50 seconds. Do 4 total rounds.



  • Do the exercises for 30 seconds instead of 20.


  • Your hands don’t have to be touching for the triangle push ups, just make sure their as close to each other as possible.
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