Why Preparing For A Workout Should Be Like Preparing For War

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
September 11, 2012

Throughout my entire life, there has been ONLY one decision that has helped me gain size and strength…

This decision had nothing to do with the workout I chose or the diet I prescribed to.

I did not read about it in a “10 Truths About Fitness” book or a “Get Bigger You Wimp!” online program.

After you make this decision, you will start seeing your body change faster than you ever thought possible. And it won’t matter if you train using body weight exercises, 100lb dumb bells or prefer 5 hour runs through the woods.

*It is the single most important decision you can, or will, every make when it comes to fitness…


When I was in High School, I thought it would be a good idea to start working out with weights…

Our bench press, free weights and chin up bar were in our basement. Somehow, I got it in my head that I would lift weights while I watched TV.

I thought, “It will be a good way to motivate myself because watching TV is fun and if I lift weights while I watch TV, I’ll get bigger because I can workout for longer periods of time.

I made up games like, “I’ll hang on this chin up bar until the commercials are over” and “I won’t stop doing bicep curls until another commercial break starts.

Knee Health Score 1

Do you think that this system worked?

Hell no.

I think I spent 99% of my time glued to the screen and 1% just holding a weight by my side.

Although I often looked forward to my “workouts,” I was really just tricking myself into thinking I was actually getting a workout.

I was simply “playing around” with fitness.

So what was the decision that has made all the difference…?

***It was when I finally got serious about training.***

I stopped pretending I was doing something.

I got focused with a plan and committed to getting results.

I spent more time working out.

I stopped being afraid of over-training and started pushing my body harder.

I ended the search for new and “better” workouts and stuck to what I was already doing with a laser-like focus.

Are you at this point?

Are you serious about your workouts… or are you just “playing around” with them?

I no longer look forward to my workouts. I dread them.

They are long. They are painful. I hurt for days afterward.

It is as if I have gone to war.

I am not a war veteran and I do not come from a military family.

Though I am an America citizen with pride in my country.

If you are also an American, you probably remember where you were and what you were doing 11 years ago on this day… September 11th.

Knee health score 3

I was in my dorm room at Western Michigan University. I was glued to the television as I watched the second plane fly directly into the second tower.

I felt disbelief… then sadness… then rage

Then I got ready to fight…

On this day of mourning the loss of over 3,000 people, I reflect on the emotion I felt 11 years ago today. It strikes me that as I “prepared myself for battle” against Al Qaeda, I experienced similar emotions as I do now before a workout.

An hour or two before my workout begins I get nervous.

I start thinking about it more and mentally prepare myself for pain and difficulty.

By the time I step into my workout room… I am thinking of nothing else but achieving my mission.


War is serious… scary… intense… and painful.

Workouts should be too.

Are you just “playing around” with fitness?

The day I got serious about working out was the day I started to experience real change.

In regards to fitness… it was the single most important decision of my life.

Now its your turn… do you consider your workouts to be serious or are they fun and light? Share your thoughts below…


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  1. Strus

    Workouts have to be tough. Otherwise they shouldn’t get this name.
    You got to fight for the next rep, you gotta watch your technique to be immaculate.
    Afert good workout I feel exausted for a while, but never drained.

    Get rid of all excuses, you are a mindful man, you are a warrior:
    -have a plan and determination to execute it
    – create a place for your workuts in yor shedule, prioritize them
    – make a place to work out comfortable all year long [ Recuperator in cold climate/ air conditioner in warm one etc.]

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