The Winter Wonderland Workout (& Emma’s 1st Sledding Trip)

February 10, 2014

It is almost mid-February in Michigan and we have snow on the brain. This is about the time when Michiganders become sick of the color white. We have had DOUBLE the amount of snow fall this year compared to previous years and have set a record number of inches compared to the last 70 years.

Yet, you must see the silver-lining in it all. Snow is a perfect medium for a workout! Don’t believe me? Ask Rocky.

Allison and I decided to take Emma on her first sledding trip. We bought a little sled and wanted to try it out. I thought I would share how much of a workout it is by trudging through 2 feet of snow up and down hills.

The Winter Wonderland Workout!

Warm Up By Walking Through Snow – 5 Minutes

When walking through snow you have to lift up your legs high. Its a great hip flexor and glute workout.


Don’t Let A Little Snow-In-The-Face Stop Ya

While I was pulling Emma in the sled it tipped over and she got majorly white washed. Mama said, "I think we should go back." Daddy, "We must press on!"


 Climb Up The Mountain – 4 Sets

Alright, ready for some hill climbs.


Let Your Training Partner Have A Turn – 4 Sets

Tag! You're turn baby!


Take A Rest And Slide Down!


Throw In Some Handstands – 4 Sets Max Time

Not the greatest form. Definitely different doing it in the snow with a jacket on compared to in my basement. 🙂


Crank Out Some Tree Pull Ups – 4 Sets

Feels like I have weights on my legs with all that snow!


Call It Quits And Put On A Smile. You Made It!


Don’t Forget The Cool Down! Some People Just Don’t Want To Do It

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  1. jerwin

    Hi todd this is jerwin from india im new to bodyweight before trying bodyweight I was harcore weight training person . Well im plagued from back pains I mean doctor told me anymore nonsense weightlifting you will be in wheel chair I can do standard push up and pull up now seeing there are advavanced moves in bodyweight movements is it safe for my back .pls advice

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Jerwin,

      Yes, please be careful with your back. Start off very slowly. You want to build strength but proceed very slowly.

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