Your Top Three Habits To Stay Lean in 2016

January 20, 2016


This is a guest post by my friend Tyler Bramlett. Check out his awesome 27 Body Transformation Habits here.

Every New Year, people around the world set resolutions to eat clean, build muscle, and live their absolute best life, possible. The vast majority of people don’t actually fulfill these resolutions, though, and the primary reason is because they don’t have great habits to start with.

This article is designed to help you create healthy habits that will carry you for the rest of your life and that will make sure that you know how to reach every single one of your fitness goals every time that you set them.  Right now, you most certainly have a number of habits…but those aren’t getting you exactly where you want to be.
We can help you change that.

Below you will find our top, three habits recommended by our friend Tyler Bramlett over at Garage Warrior that will get you shredded, have you in the best shape of your life, and put you on a path where you learn better habits.

Habit #1: You Are What You Drink


Everyone likes a drink every now and then. But we are not about to recommend that you go out and become a lush. No! Instead, the first habit that we recommend is to start drinking enough water. What many people don’t know is that our bodies are over 60% water.  It makes sense to consume as much of it as we can.

The daily recommended amount to drink is approximately 64 ounces, though you might drink more if you’re working out strenuously.

Water helps you to digest your food more completely, it helps you to think more clearly, and it ensures that all the chemical processes in your body work the way that they should. I am sure that you’ve read all kinds of articles recommending that you should drink more water, but as fitness professionals, we get to witness why water is powerful for and integral to your health.

So, get to drinking like Tyler recommends.

Your body will thank you for it.

Habit #2: Eat Your Vegetables!


Now, we know that we are not your mom, but she had it right when she wanted you to clean your plate and eat all your vegetables. Not only are vegetables high in fiber, but they are also high in vitamin and mineral content that you simply cannot get any, other way.

There’s a specific way to make sure that you get your optimal amount of vegetables in, every day, but we don’t want to spill all the beans in this one article. If you happen to struggle with eating vegetables, you should know that they hold the key to your being able to create washboard abs and get lean as quickly as possible.

Without them, your workouts won’t be as effective, and you won’t have the energy to perform to your absolute highest capacity. So, eat your vegetables every single day!

You should know: Tyler has a really cool, pain-free, daily routine for getting in all your vegetables.  You should check it out.

Habit #3: Protein Is The Most-Important Key To Getting Shredded


Most of us don’t eat quite enough protein in our diets every day, so the final habit that Tyler recommends, today is to eat protein for breakfast, every day. To see how much protein you need to eat on a daily basis, take your weight in pounds and multiply it by .36. That will give you the daily recommended allowance for how many grams of protein you should be eating.

The thing is, there is some argument on whether or not this is a sufficient number for most people. When you do this calculation, it comes out to be about 10% of your diet, every day.  Some experts believe that we should be eating triple this amount…but no more than 35% of your overall diet.

Eating enough protein ensures that you have enough of the building blocks of muscle in your diet to get as ripped as you want to be. If you go on and make your first meal protein-heavy, you’ll curb your appetite for less nutritious foods later in the day and jump start the muscle building process as soon as you get started in the morning.

You can thank us later!


Healthy Fitness Habits Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster And More Effectively

27-HABITS-IMAGE-Tyler-HeadshotWe want to thank Tyler Bramlett over at Garage Warrior for sharing these habits with us, today.  Tyler is the founder of Garage Warrior, he’s a world-class fitness coach with close to 100,000 fans on Facebook, and he is the author of a new book called 27 Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Afford To Ignore.

Each one of the habits that we shared with you above are outlined in a detailed, step-by step guide that shows you how to mold your body into the muscle-bound machine you want it to be in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort.

We barely skimmed the surface of all the habits you’ll need to change your body and your life on purpose. It will definitely take work to incorporate these new habits into your life, but Tyler is a genius at this stuff.

If you want to download his book for free, you can get it right here.

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